General Superintendent

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia - General Superintendent - BCS Concrete Structures

Born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, Carlos is one of the most experienced builders that BCS, or anyone, will ever meet. Carlos began in construction in the late 1990’s with Constructors and Associates, where he first worked with Sonny and Joel (BCS’s founders). Like our other general superintendents, Carlos began work as a laborer and quickly graduated into a leadership position. Carlos loves to build and has worked on some of the most challenging and intricate jobs in BCS’s history.

Not only does Carlos enjoy working for BCS because of the work, he is also family to BCS. He believes that working alongside his brothers Joel and Beto speak to the family-focused culture of the company

Outside of work, Carlos enjoys spending time at the ranch building and working with horses. Carlos is a passionate outdoorsman, and also loves spending time with his wife and daughter.