Pre-Construction Planning


Proper planning prevents poor performance, and that starts with the initial meeting. Whether it’s the owner, general contractor, or another representative, we learn about the vision for the entire project.

We cover specifics like the geotechnical details of the proposed site, engineering capacities, architectural design options like color & texture, safety requirements, and contractor performance goals.

Discovery - BCS Concrete Structures

Tekla BIM 4D Planning Software - BCS Concrete Structures

4D Scheduling

We take things to the next level with our structural BIM capabilities. Our 4D scheduling allows us to program your entire construction project according to strict timelines and milestones, allowing you to visualize the 3D plan across time.

Whether you’re in-person or in the field, view your project model, collaborate remotely, and easily manage change orders with our code-compliant solution.

Scope & Budget

Accurately identifying the scope provides a detailed description of what types of workers, equipment, and materials are needed at each phase of your project. We combine the project vision against the scope to strategically design a solution for your budget.

The experience of our senior estimators helps to ensure that cost estimates are more accurate leading to less value design and engineering during the middle and late stages of any project.

Scope and Budgeting - BCS Concrete Structures

Risk Mitigation

Construction Site

Initial Schematic Designs

Construction Site Analysis

Date and Milestone Mapping

Safety & Insurance

Safety & OSHA Certification

Insurance Coverage

Permits & Bonding

Project Teams

Professionally Trained Crew

Experienced Superintendents & Project Managers

Custom Fabricators