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Repair & Replacement

Damage to concrete can be the first warning sign of your structure’s longevity. If you’ve found any problems with your concrete, BCS will repair any cracks or foundational issues with care.

We also provide replacement services that involve expert demolition and removal from any large or small-scale project, replacing it with new and durable concrete. Our goal is to help keep your concrete safe and beautiful.

Concrete Repair, Maintenance, and Removal Services - BCS Concrete Structures

Concrete Maintenance - BCS Concrete Structures

Routine Maintenance

Having a well-maintained concrete structure is vital to any business. It’s what makes your business not only look charming but helps keep it strong and safe.

We provide maintenance to make sure that your concrete structure remains long-lasting through continuous upkeep. We can offer cleaning, repairs, and restoration techniques to bring it back to its original pristine condition.


Sometimes, the surface of the concrete will be too damaged for repairs. In this case, you’ll want to remove your existing structure altogether. To get the best results, we offer various methods to safely remove any concrete structure you may have.

We do this with pressure bursting, hydraulic breakers, or ball and crane methods. BCS also ensures that we always leave the site clean and organized, clearing away dust and debris from the area while also recycling materials when possible.

Concrete Removal - BCS Concrete Structures

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