Symbiotic Safety

Safety and operations can work together to make construction safer and more efficient. This symbiotic relationship achieves operational and safety excellence without developing competing priorities. While costs may be reduced due to fewer accidents, safety is not reduced to a cost-benefit evaluation. Strong safety leadership exponentially increases operations efficiency and builds on the added value.

Our safety training focuses on key hazards like fall protection, basic carpentry, scissor lifts, ladders, and scaffolds.

Todd Smith, VP of Safety and Human Resources leads BCS’ safety-first approach. Based on his two leading safety manuals for the construction industry; Symbiotic Safety and Creating Symbiotic Safety. Our safety program is based on industry-leading training that has led to high-level OSHA certifications and partnerships. It also powers our Emerging Leaders program.

Symbiotic Safety - BCS Concrete Structures

Dedicated Safety Team

Our dedicated safety team is led by industry veterans that bring OSHA 500, 502, and 510 certifications and trains BCS’s and our partners’ teams with OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour classes. Headed by VP of Safety and HR, Todd Smith, BCS implements jobsite inspection competitions, emerging leaders program, safety training incentive program, and hosts annual safety rodeos.

We spread safety awareness in the industry through the Central Texas Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors Safety Committee, the ASSP Construction Practice Specialty Practice, and books, Symbiotic Safety (Dec 2020) and Creating Symbiotic Safety (Dec 2021).

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