Emerging Leaders Program

The BCS Concrete Structures Emerging Leaders Program is an internal training program that identifies up-and-coming professionals and trains them on general contractor interactions. 

By training these emerging leaders, the company ensures that the next generation is properly prepared to work on large commercial projects. This preparation includes working with general contractors, employees, and safety teams.

Ongoing training is part of BCS’ safety culture and is the company’s main priority, as part of its focus on business-wide safety best practices. Many efforts and events throughout the course of the year are dedicated to safety in the concrete construction industry. 

BCS Efforts and Events

BCS releases a monthly newsletter called “The Safety Broadcast,” which focuses on current events relevant to the company that has to do with safety. 

In addition, the company holds an annual Safety Rodeo, during which employees and concrete contractors hyperfocus on all things safety. During this event, there are many activities that take place, from those that are educational to those that are entertaining — and some that are both.

Risk Mitigation at BCS

One of the many aspects that participants in the Emerging Leaders program are trained on extensively is risk mitigation. Mitigating as many risks as possible is paramount to the well-being of employees, contractors, and many others on projects. 

BCS prides itself on the emphasis it relays to its Leaders concerning safety, and the company has several protocols in place to ensure the safety standards of BCS are upheld.

Some of these risk mitigation measures include using initial schematic designs, construction site analyses, and the date and milestone mapping. Programs like Emerging Leaders, in which employees are professionally trained, are another large part of the company’s focus on safety.

BCS participates in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program, and the company’s safety team is led by industry veterans who are OSHA certified in OSHA 510, 502, 500, and other standards. The team at BCS Concrete Structures has created some of the most recognizable builds in the state of Texas. Check out the services we offer, browse our portfolio, and discover why BCS has been named Construction Firm of the Year.

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