Mustang Ridge Police Benefit

Recently, BCS Concrete relocated our offices from Buda to Mustang Ridge, TX. So far, the change has been absolutely wonderful for us. Thanks to our new facilities and convenient location, we have plenty of room and can provide our customers with better service. This change will help us grow as the area’s premier concrete contractor. We’re happy to say that the Mustang Ridge community has been exceptionally welcoming. That includes our new neighbors, the Mustang Ridge Police Department. Since moving in, we’ve had the privilege to get to know these first responders and have developed an even deeper respect for the hard work they do.

Every officer we’ve encountered has been amazing, but we’d like to mention one very inspirational person specifically. That would be Patrol Sergeant Hector Solis. Officer Solis is a veteran police officer who is bravely battling cancer, and it is our privilege to host a fundraising event in his honor.

Officer Solis’ Battle

Hector Solis was first diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma in 2020. His illness was treated with surgery, and he was on the mend. Unfortunately, about a year later, he suffered a recurrence with the disease spreading to other parts of his body.

Now, with the help of a great team of medical professionals, Officer Solis is bravely fighting his second battle against cancer. This involves intensive chemotherapy, hospitalizations, and rest periods to help him maintain his strength. He is currently awaiting further testing.

There’s no doubting Hector’s willingness to fight, but a battle like this creates significant financial hardship. Fortunately, the community of Mustang Ridge and surrounding areas is always willing to come together to help someone in need,

Hector’s Taser Fundraiser

What better way to celebrate a brave officer and help raise funds for his battle against cancer than to hold a taser fundraiser. We will be hosting this event at our new facility and are excited to greet many local community members while also helping an officer in need.

What Is a Taser Fundraiser?

Just like the name sounds, a taser fundraiser involves brave volunteers who agree to be “zapped” with a taser to raise money for a good cause. In this case, those volunteers are:

  • Mayor David Bunn
  • Officer Norman Koger
  • Firefighter Farrell
  • Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly

That’s not all! This event will also include raffles, giveaways, free food and drink, and a live morning show broadcast from 104.9 The Horn. As new community members, we are so grateful for the opportunity to host this event and assist Officer Solis in any way possible. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the many other businesses in the area that are also sponsoring this fundraiser.

Here’s How You Can Help

If you’d like to learn more about Officer Solis and donate directly, please visit his GoFundMe Page. To download the official announcement flier, click here.

Of course, all are welcome to join us for the big event at our facilities on May 27 from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. We’re located conveniently north of the police department, and directions are available via Google Maps. You may also contact us directly for additional information.


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