Concerete Services

Pre-Construction Planning

Proper planning prevents poor performance, and that starts with the initial meeting. Whether it’s the owner, general contractor, or another representative, we learn about the vision for the entire project.

We cover specifics like the geotechnical details of the proposed site, engineering capacities, architectural design options like color & texture, safety requirements, and contractor performance goals.

Pre-construction Planning - BCS Concrete Structures

Turnkey Services - BCS Concrete Structures


We are your one-stop shop that handles all things concrete. Whatever job you need to be done, whether it’s a small or large-scale commercial project, we’re there to ensure that every project is covered by us for a smooth and reliable process.

We take care of everything. In addition to repairs, maintenance, and removal, BCS is in charge of the purchasing of materials needed, reinforcement installations, formwork and placement, hoisting, post-tension, and finishing, with everything in between.

Form, Place, & Finish

A successful project requires a process that’s careful and considerate of your specific needs and desires. That’s why we provide our clients with the best methods of formwork, placement, and finishing which creates concrete structures that last.

We help build the best structures through our expert process, which includes creating molds of the structure, forming the concrete, specific placement of the mixture, and a detailed finish to make sure that the desired look is reached.

Form, Place, & Finish - BCS Concrete Structures

Service Work - BCS Concrete Structures

Service Work

Along with managing everything from the initial planning and purchasing to placement and finishing, we also provide our clients with additional service work that meets all of their needs.

Our services include repairing damaged or cracked concrete, delivering maintenance to sections that need it, and the removal and cleanup of concrete in the area. No matter what your needs are, we are dedicated to being your all-in-one commercial concrete construction contractor.