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Ongoing training is part of BCS’ Safety Culture. Check out the related safety news from the field.

  • BCS Concrete Structures Recognized as Crew of the Month by Samsung BCS Concrete Structures Receives Award for Exceptional Work at Samsung Semiconductor Facility

    BCS Concrete Structures Wins Safety and Production Quality Award at Samsung Semiconductor Facility BCS Concrete Structures, the leading turn-key commercial concrete subcontractor in Central Texas, has been recognized for its exceptional work at the Samsung Semiconductor facility in Taylor, Texas. BCS has been working under a contract with General Contractor IE2 for Samsung subsidiary EMD […]

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  • Why is the BCS Safety Culture “Best in Class”

    Our BCS Safety Culture is more than just developing new policies and procedures, creating new incentive programs and giving out safety awards. It is definitely more than complying with OSHA rules and hiring more safety professionals.  The BCS Safety culture is how every worker on every BCS jobsite does their job to prevent accidents.  We […]

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  • 2nd Annual Safety Rodeo - BCS Concrete Structures 2nd Annual BCS Safety Rodeo

    Safety continues to be the number one priority for BCS Concrete Structures as the commercial concrete company held its 2nd Annual BCS Safety Rodeo training event for 2022. The event occurred at the newly opened BCS office in Mustang Ridge, Texas. Each year, the BCS workers pause their work and come together to discuss and […]

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  • BCS’ Proactive Injury Case Management

    Due to the nature of commercial construction, particularly commercial concrete, the inherent risk in our industry constantly challenges us to find new ways to protect our workers.  The latest style of protective headgear, new cut proof gloves and more frequent training are just some of the ways that we try to mitigate risk.  Additionally, a […]

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  • 1111 W 6th St. Jobsite

          This is one of our current projects at 1111 West 6th Street, the GC here is American Contractors. This jobsite is under the supervision of General Superintendent Leonel Perez, and Superintendent Eric Izeta in charge on site, with a crew of twenty-seven workers. Presently, we have framing and decking activities on site. […]

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  • Emerging Leaders Program

    The BCS Concrete Structures Emerging Leaders Program is an internal training program that identifies up-and-coming professionals and trains them on general contractor interactions.  By training these emerging leaders, the company ensures that the next generation is properly prepared to work on large commercial projects. This preparation includes working with general contractors, employees, and safety teams. […]

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  • The BCS Safety Broadcast Explained - BCS Concrete Contractors The BCS Safety Broadcast Explained

    BCS Concrete Structures makes safety its top priority — we use a specific safety approach known as Symbiotic Safety. This means safety is a part of everything we do, from the speed at which we operate to the profits that we earn. In our eyes, the safety of our employees, concrete contractors, and everyone involved […]

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  • Safety Broadcast - BCS Concrete Structures - Concrete Contractor December Safety Broadcast

    Safety Rodeo More than 100 BCS Employees received training in Scissor Lifts, Ladders, Scaffolds, Fall Protection, and Basic Carpentry at the 1st Annual BCS Safety Rodeo which took place at the new office at Mustang Ridge (coming soon).  Blas Hernandez reacts to being lifted by a forklift during Fall Protection Training. Carlos Garcia provides Ladder […]

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  • Annual Safety Rodeo - BCS Concrete Structures - Concrete Contractor First Annual BCS Safety Rodeo

    BCS Concrete Structures — industry-leading concrete contractors specializing in commercial construction — is based in Mustang Ridge, Texas. On December 18, 2021, more than 100 BCS employees gathered to participate in their first safety rodeo. The employees participated alongside several other concrete contractors. All received important safety training by rotating through 40-minute stations.  They learned […]

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