BCS Prioritizes Worker Safety with Respiratory Protection for Respirable Silica

Following OSHA Standard 1926.1153(c), Concrete Contractors, BCS,  is taking employee safety to heart with respiratory protection. We are making it our top priority to follow the guidelines laid out in 29 CFR 1910.134 to the tee. Having the right respiratory protection is a requirement for BCS team members who work on concrete grinding or chipping projects.

These guidelines involve a thorough process, including a medical exam survey and a fit test to ensure the mask forms an airtight seal.

In the fit test, we perform a series of tasks and discuss questions and concerns, additionally, they use specially designed hoods to gather any strong fumes. When the seal is solid, there is no scent to be detected.

The Austin-based commercial concrete contractor ensures that respirators are picked based on the type of chemicals involved and the specific job at hand. Workers are required to be clean-shaven before the fit test. Those with a history of respiratory problems are not advised to use the respirators provided by the employer due to potential breathing difficulties.

Through our proactive policies and culture of safety awareness, BCS will continue to provide a safe, secure, and healthy working environment for everyone.

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