Ensuring Safety From Every Angle: BCS Trains With Fall Tech

At BCS Concrete Structures, safety is a value we hold close to heart. On October 3rd, our site safety managers underwent specialized training focused on fall protection equipment inspection for our 3rd annual Safety Rodeo event. Training was led by Chase Howden, an expert from Fall Tech, a trusted partner known for their expertise in Fall Protection systems, including harnesses and Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL).

Fall Tech, a Texas-based commercial concrete contractor, is an expert in designing, testing, and manufacturing top-notch Fall Protection equipment. Their extensive knowledge has proven invaluable, not only in providing essential training on Falling Object Protection but also in being active participants in our annual Safety Rodeo. As BCS reaches new heights in commercial concrete construction, fall protection becomes indispensable. 

In an industry where falls are identified as the primary hazard, the significance of robust fall protection measures cannot be overstated. Yearly, we procure a substantial number of yo-yos and harnesses for our projects. Post-project completion, this critical fall protection equipment makes its way back to our shop. Here, an evaluation of serviceability is conducted, ensuring that each piece adheres to Falltech’s established five-year lifespan.

BCS Concrete Structures - Jesus Morgan Inspects the Self-Retracting lifelines.

In the captured moment, Site Safety Manager Armando Gonzalez demonstrates exceptional attention to detail as he records the condition of a Self-Retracting Lifeline. Standing by, his colleague, Site Safety Manager Jonathan Cardoza, is equally thorough, inspecting the equipment. To ensure the process is complete, Falltech’s Chase Howden oversees each step. Meanwhile, on the floor, Jesus Morgan selects the next harness for inspection.

At BCS Concrete Structures, an Austin-based commercial concrete contractor, safety is the key to the well-being of our team and the success of our projects. Through these initiatives, we ensure that our Site Safety managers are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, reinforcing our dedication to creating a secure work environment. 

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