Rigging Class keeps BCS Workers Safe While Moving Materials

On June 7, BCS Workers perform Rigging and Signaling training as part of their practical test.

Rigger and Signaler Training is one of the many safety trainings conducted monthly at BCS.  Trainer Partick J. Walsh, Walsh Safety Consulting is a Master Trainer and has been conducting this training for 12 years. It starts in the classroom where Walsh discusses many topics Lifting Principles, Rigging Practices, Rigging Equipment, Safe working loads, Rigging inspections and more.  “Proper rigging ensures the safety of the jobsite when heavy loads are lifted.  We are a trusted partner of our General Contractors, and we take our responsibility seriously to contribute to project success,” Walsh said.  

Rigging class keeps workers safe

According to OSHA “Construction relies upon the efficient handling and storage of various materials. Rigging involves lifting heavy items with cranes and other construction equipment, often at high elevations. Dozens of workers lose their lives in rigging-related accidents each year, most frequently when loads slip from the rigging setup, rigging equipment fails, and when electrical lines pose hazards.”

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