Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Psencik

Jeff Psencik - Chief Financial Officer - BCS Concrete Structures

Jeff is a CPA and has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. This includes 15 years in Public Accounting auditing the books and records of construction companies. He also worked two years for the FDIC as a Investigations Specialist primarily focused on claims against CPA firms.

Raised in Eagle Lake, Texas and graduating from Southwest Texas State University with a BBA in Accounting, Jeff began his career with an accounting firm in the Houston area.

After 15 years in public accounting and two years with the FDIC, he moved to the industry side as the controller for a local construction company. Since that move, he had been the controller for two different construction companies for 7 and 9 years, respectively, prior to relocating to the Austin area and joining BCS Concrete Structures in February 2020.

He has been married to his bride since 1989 and has two sons that support themselves. He enjoys watching baseball and football. He no longer participates in these activities since he is old and usually pulls something. He is trilingual, speaking fluent English, American and Bullshit. When he is not at work he enjoys…..oh hell, he is always at work because nothing else exists besides ACCOUNTING!!!!