Project Manager

Sam Ibrahim

Sam Ibrahim - Project Manager - BCS Concrete Structures

Sam Ibrahim is a project manager at BCS. He graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a degree in Civil Engineering and was hired by the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) as a junior engineer. While at CALTRANS, he attended Cal-State Fullerton and obtained a master’s degree in construction management.

After graduation, Sam worked for 3 years overseas at an architectural firm as a project manager. When he returned to Austin, he worked at BCS for 8 years as the first project manager beginning in 2006. In 2014, he moved to Seretta Construction where he became the VP of Texas operations. After 5 years at Seretta, Sam came back home to BCS. He has completed a wide variety of projects, including high-end residential, heavy civil, elevated commercial, and tilt-up structures.

Sam is native to Lebanon and enjoys spending time and communicating with his family back home. He is trilingual, speaking fluent English, French, and Arabic. Sam also loves hunting and spending time outdoors outside of work.