Project Manager


When you join our team, you’ll be met with exciting new opportunities around every corner. Since the beginning, we have made it our goal to provide you with one of the healthiest and most professional environments in all of Central Texas. And because we understand the importance of work-life balance, we take pride in offering competitive compensation with a benefits package that supports a stable life for you and your family.


• A minimum of 3 years in Construction Management
• Proficient in Estimating, Accounting, and Scheduling Software
• Experience Negotiating Contracts with General Contractors and Subcontractors
• Excellent Time Management Skills
• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university preferred


• Build Project Schedules
• Communicate with staff and clients
• Make decisions and monitor the progress of the project to keep it on schedule.
• Create long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines
• Delegate tasks on the project to employees best positioned to complete them
• Make effective decisions when presented with multiple options for how to progress with the project
• Serve as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project
• Communicate with executives to keep the project aligned with their budget and production goals
• Perform quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected
• Adjust schedules and targets on the project as needed, or financing for the project changes

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