Annual BCS Safety Rodeo

Over 100 BCS employees and partnering concrete contractors received safety-based training in fall protection, basic carpentry, scissor lifts, ladders, and scaffolds at the 1st annual BCS Safety Rodeo, which took place at the new office at Mustang Ridge. 

The annual event trains, educates, and entertains workers with information on all things safety-related.

Safety as a Priority

The rodeo is just one of many events that BCS holds to educate its employees about a variety of topics that relate to safety in the commercial concrete industry. BCS makes safety its #1 priority, and the company has always made sure to never reduce safety to a cost-benefit evaluation.


The BCS Safety Rodeo is designed to focus on safety as an extension of year-round additional training that employees take part in. Headed by Todd Smith, VP of Safety and HR, the safety team is led by professionals with certifications in OSHA 500, 502, and 510

In addition, BCS takes part in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program. This program enhances job site safety by encouraging and assisting efforts to eliminate hazards at work sites. 

As part of the program, an annual evaluation is done that covers health management systems and safety protocols. The audit helps BCS discover and implement improvements in operations to enhance safety and productivity.

Risk Mitigation and Safety

Several protocols, procedures, and measures are in place to facilitate risk mitigation and uphold the strict safety standards that BCS enforces. Some of these include:

  • Date and milestone mapping
  • Construction site analyses
  • Initial schematic designs
  • Permits, bonding, and insurance
  • OSHA certification
  • Professionally trained employees
  • Custom fabricators
  • Experienced supers and project managers

In addition to the Annual Safety Rodeo, BCS takes part in other events and efforts that help to uphold the importance of safety in commercial concrete, including the Emerging Leaders Program, the Safety Broadcast, and others.

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