First Annual BCS Safety Rodeo

BCS Concrete Structures — industry-leading concrete contractors specializing in commercial construction — is based in Mustang Ridge, Texas. On December 18, 2021, more than 100 BCS employees gathered to participate in their first safety rodeo.

The employees participated alongside several other concrete contractors. All received important safety training by rotating through 40-minute stations. 

They learned about scaffold safety, ladder safety, fall prevention safety, and scissor safety. In a fifth station, BCS workers and other participants were able to use their carpentry skills to build sawhorses and guard rails like they would on worksites. 

OSHA representatives were on-hand to assist. The training was provided by safety specialists, trainers from vendors and partners, and safety consultants.

The event concluded with a timed nailing competition that was organized by BCS owner Sonny Horton, a third-generation union carpenter. Event winners were given gift cards as prizes. The five-hour event concluded at noon. It was followed by the company’s annual Christmas party and lunch.

Safety as a Priority

The safety rodeo is just one of several events held by BCS Concrete Structures to promote workplace safety. The company makes educating workers on a variety of safety-related topics in the concrete industry a priority. 

BCS has never treated the issue of safety as a cost-benefit issue. Instead, these programs are an absolute operational necessity.


The BCS safety rodeo was created to serve as an extension of the year-round safety training that BCS offers to its workers. This and other safety initiatives are led by Todd Smith, BCS VP of Safety and HR. The safety team he heads is staffed by professionals with the following certifications: OSHA 500, 502, and 510.

Further, BCS Concrete Structures participates in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program. In this initiative, partners improve workplace safety through efforts to detect and remove worksite hazards.

One key implementation that results from this is an annual evaluation of health management systems and safety protocols. BCS uses the results of this to integrate new processes to improve productivity and safety.

Risk Mitigation and Safety

BCS makes safety standards and risk mitigation a number one priority. This is demonstrated by the range of procedures, protocols, and measures that the company enforces with safety as the goal. These include the following:

  • Construction site analysis
  • Obtaining and maintaining insurance bonds and permits
  • Ensuring employees are properly trained
  • Placing only experienced project managers and supervisors
  • Mapping dates and milestones
  • Initial schematic designs
  • Obtaining OSHA certifications
  • Use of custom fabricators

The Annual Safety Rodeo is just one event. BCS holds many other events and initiatives throughout the year in order to promote safety in commercial concrete. Two of these are the Safety Broadcast and the Emerging Leaders Program.

BCS Concrete Structures has several notable partners. Their clients include St. David’s Performance Center, the Texas Facilities Commission, Porsche North Austin, Westminster Expansion, and more.

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