BCS Conquers Challenges on The Travis Project with JE Dunn

In the dynamic landscape of downtown Austin, BCS Concrete Structures, a commercial concrete contractor in Central Texas, is teaming up with JE Dunn, a renowned national construction company. We’re spearheading the construction of a 54+ story multi-use tower—a venture laden with unique challenges and unique solutions.

With its distinctive design, the Travis project presented challenges in constructability that demanded adaptive expertise. Project Manager Joseph Sanderson and Superintendent Rafael Lopez spoke about some of these challenges recently.

Temperature Extremes

During the scorching Austin summer, with temperatures routinely exceeding 120 degrees on the working deck, the heat brought forth a set of challenges. However, we navigated the extreme conditions with strategic hydration plans for the crew and the introduction of cooling stations on multiple floors. The delivery schedule was also recalibrated, ensuring the team could operate efficiently while prioritizing the well-being of its members.

Falling Object Protection

During construction, picks with cranes are usually over 8,000 pounds and over 50 feet long, making objects falling from that height extremely dangerous. BCS took falling object protection very seriously by implementing truss tables for horizontal framing. Once again demonstrating why they are the premier concrete contractor in Central Texas. This innovation, albeit rewarding, introduced new risks due to the substantial weight and size of the picks. In response, a comprehensive 100% tieback program was instituted, securing every conceivable object that could potentially be dislodged during construction. Through training and strict adherence to safety protocols, we were able to create a secure work environment for our crew.

A close up of The Travis Building by BCS Concrete Structures

Wind Challenges and Timing

As the tower ascends, wind becomes a critical factor in construction. With gusts above 28 mph requiring a halt in crane production, the team navigated this challenge through effective communication, teamwork, and meticulous attention to detail. The result—a construction schedule greatly unaffected by the weather.

General Superintendent Rafael Lopez, a seasoned veteran with 25 years of experience in elevated work, identifies the height and design of the building as the principal challenges. Due to project constraints like property boundaries, existing buildings, ongoing neighboring construction work, and crane capacity, we adapted tunnel form-designed approaches to a conventional Doka wall form system, showcasing the team’s ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

As we continue to strive to be the best-in-class trade partner in commercial concrete construction, the Travis project is already another piece of proof of BCS’s commitment to collaboration and safety. In partnership with JE Dunn, the journey to conquer new heights continues.

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