August Safety Broadcast

BCS Concrete Structures is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our safety approach. And recently, we took the next step by adding another key player to our team. Everyone at BCS would like to welcome our newest Safety Manager, Leopold Grimaldo. Leopold will oversee the project sites, ensuring a safe environment continues for our workers. Grimaldo is an excellent addition to the BCS family, as he’s already gotten down to business and conducted a Tool Box Safety Class for the employees at the Temple Data Center job site. We just know that, with Leopold, BCS and our employees will be in safe hands.

Symbiotic Safety Methods

With Leopold and the rest of our BCS leaders, we intend to keep proving just how important our symbiotic safety concept is. Safety and operations can, in fact, work together to create a safer environment. And here are some methods that we can use to help BCS leaders, managers, and employees work better together:

  • Leaders ensure that their commitments to safety are reflected in the decisions and actions they take and behaviors they display.
  • Work activities are planned and conducted in a way that reflects and maintains safety standards.
  • Communications sent to employees have a focus on safety topics.
  • Potential safety issues are identified promptly.
  • Ongoing efforts are made to look for ways to improve safety and learn about best practices.
  • Both managers and employees alike strive for an internal culture built on trust and respect.

Continuous learning is what everyone at this commercial concrete contractor does. It’s the reason all our veteran leaders are OSHA certified. But it doesn’t end there! There are plenty of other opportunities and courses where BCS employees can join in and educate themselves on safety.

Rigger Training Complete!

One of these courses was our Rigger Training with Certified Safety Professional Patrick, which five BCS employees completed on March 18. The course comprised Cesar Martinez, Cesar Rodriguez, Joel Garcia, Juan Mendoza, and Juan Gonzalez. The class was a success, and now all five employees are qualified to rig loads for cranes and signal crane operators. Every rigger will wear the red rigger vest with a white R on the back. Congrats to our five new riggers!

OSHA Fall Stand Down

BCS also took part in Fall Protection training on May 3rd. The course took place at the Broadmoor Jobsite and featured OSHA Area Director Casey Perkins. The event was considered the OSHA Fall Stand Down, where commercial jobs around the country focused on workers’ training and fall protection during the first week of May. BCS has an important partnership with OSHA, from taking part in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program to having BCS professionals certified in OSHA 500, 502, and 510. With the OSHA and BCS partnership, we make it clear how determined we are to be one of the leading concrete contractors in safety.

Past Safety Training Courses

Other than that, the month of April was busy with various safety training courses. Here are some of the other classes BCS employees took part in this past spring.

  • American Concrete Institute Certification: Written and Practical
  • OSHA 30 Hour (English and Spanish)
  • Emerging Leaders Meeting
  • Fall Protection Training on SRLs
  • Superintendent Meeting

These classes reflect BCS’s dedication to ongoing learning and our commitment to keeping our team members not only skilled at what they do but also safe on the job. You can discover more about BCS Construction Structures’ commitment to safety by visiting our safety page. Learn more about our OSHA Strategic Partnership Program here.

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