2nd Annual BCS Safety Rodeo

Safety continues to be the number one priority for BCS Concrete Structures as the commercial concrete company held its 2nd Annual BCS Safety Rodeo training event for 2022. The event occurred at the newly opened BCS office in Mustang Ridge, Texas.

Each year, the BCS workers pause their work and come together to discuss and cover the year’s latest safety rules and regulations. This year, the training event included Basic Carpentry, Tool Silica Control, Excavation Safety, Hand Protection, Doka Form building, and Fall Protection.

For the hundreds of BCS workers active on the field, potential injuries are often high if proper precautions aren’t taken. Thankfully, BCS’ safety professionals are aware of the dangers and risks. The training uses its expertise to reinforce key learning points to the rest of the contractors.

Their approach is to teach the workers through “hands-on-station training,” which is the concept of emphasizing specific areas identified during the year.

“BCS holds this premier hands-on educational safety training event as a way of instilling the value of safety for all of our workers,” says Reed Boyd, Project Manager and Trainer for the Basic Carpentry station.

Trainers during the Safety Rodeo training event included BCS employees and vendor/partners from Colony Hardware, Bosch Tools, Doka Forms, and Fall Tech, as well as safety consultant Patrick J. Walsh from Walsh Safety Consulting. All of whom were eager to pass on their knowledge to the attendees.

BCS Project Manager, Joseph Sanderson, brought in the help of DOKA, a concrete form vendor, who participated in the training and taught the workers how to build forms correctly. “Our Superintendent, Rafael Lopez, showed our guys the correct way to build forms, and he did a great job training our workers,” says Sanderson.

After the successful training day was concluded, BCS rewarded its workers with its annual BCS Company Christmas Party, leaving the total number of participants twice as many as last year’s Safety Rodeo event.

BCS already has plans for the 3rd Annual BCS Safety Rodeo, which will be held on December 15, 2023. Although with this time, the event will also provide extensive training in Power Tool Safety, Machine Maintenance, and Ladder Safety.

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