BCS Concrete Structures Completes Construction in Uptown Austin

BCS Reinvents Uptown Austin with the Completion of Broadmoor Block A Project

In collaboration with other contractors, leading commercial concrete contractor BCS Concrete Structures has completed the construction of Broadmoor Block A, a new residential, office, and retail building in Uptown Austin, Texas. The project involved the construction of a new residential building with 341 multi-family units, 348K in office space, and 15 retail spaces. 

The BCS and White Construction Teams Collaborate - BCS Concrete Structures

The building is expected to redefine the city of Austin and greater Central Texas by creating everything from charming walkways to beautiful skyscrapers. We collaborated with other contractors, such as White Construction and Largo Concrete Inc., to ensure the successful completion of the project. The project began on 1/10/22 and ended on 4/5/23.

According to Reed Boyd, the project manager for Broadmoor Block A, one of the major challenges they faced was working at the same time as another sub-contractor, which led to the need for constant coordination and communication. The construction of the wooden and concrete structure at the same time, scheduling of rebar, wood, and materials to the site, and incorporating safety precautions were also among the challenges faced.

Despite these challenges, Our team, led by site superintendent Roberto (Beto) Garcia and assistant site superintendent Cesar Martinez, was able to navigate the obstacles and complete the project on time. We had a starting manpower of 8 plus 4 Fabco employees, with a middle team of 43 BCS and 19 Fabco and an ending team of 32 BCS and 12 Fabco.

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The project had three separate contracts, with the first involving the building structure, the second being the office garage and retention backfield, and the third being block c curbs and parking lot. Broadmoor also had two mobilizations: the first was basement access to the Largo parking garage, and the second was drilling foundation piers of the structure building.

With the completion of the Broadmoor Block A project, our BCS team has further cemented its position as a leading commercial concrete contractor in Austin, Texas. The project’s success is a testament to the expertise, dedication, and professionalism of BCS Concrete Structures and the collaboration of all the contractors involved.


BCS Concrete Structures Completes Broadmore Block A

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