BCS is learning the Smith System for Driver Safety

As we all know, driving safely in Central Texas is not easy. Recently, Vehicle Fleet Director and Smith System Master Trainer Larry Thomas has started to give driver safety training classes as part of the BCS Safety Program. This program, called the Smith System, includes both classroom and behind-the-wheel training and is considered the best fleet driver training program in the country.  

The Smith System teaches about the 5 Keys to Driver Safety:

  1. Aim High in Steering
  2. Get the Big Picture
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving
  4. Leave Yourself an Out
  5. Make Sure They See You

A student learns about these concepts through videos and discussion. Larry discusses the importance of vehicle maintenance, especially tires, weather conditions, and distracted driving.  

“Every day I see drivers eating while driving, without their headlights on, and deer being hit or almost hit. This, combined with the poor driving habits of many drivers and the changing weather of spring in Texas and accidents are very common.  Giving yourself more space between you and other vehicles, looking 15 seconds ahead of where you are, and making sure other drivers see you are ways to keep from having a bad day due to a vehicle accident.”

Smith System Logo

After the classroom, Larry performs individual assessments and drives one-on-one with students so that they can show what they have learned. He evaluates their ability to use the 5 keys and comments on their driving habits. His hope is that all BCS drivers will be safer because they have completed the Smith Driver System training.

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