BCS Hosts May Safety Summit with Project Safety Managers

The six BCS Site Safety Managers (Leopoldo Grimaldo, Armando Gonzalez, Esteban Gonzalez, Jonathan Cardoza, Jesse Aguilar, and Jairo Olvera) met with Vice President of Safety and HR Todd C. Smith and Safety Consultant Patrick Walsh for a half-day of training on the 2023 BCS Safety Program, developing and using the new Procore Safety Inspection Form, and the Safety Focus Programs for BCS for the summer of 2023. Site Safety Managers were also given Smith Driver Safety Training by Vehicle Fleet Manager Larry Thomas.

BCS Concrete Structures - Jesus (Jesse) Aguilar & Esteban Gonzalez Collaborate on Safety Training

The injury trends for BCS were also discussed, with an observed reduction in OSHA Recordable incidents over the past three years.

First Aid Hand injuries, specifically finger smashes and lacerations, constitute 72% of BCS injuries since January 2022. A Pinch Point Avoidance Campaign with jobsite posters was initiated in 2022, as well as using three types of Cut Level 4 gloves. While hand injuries continue to be a challenge for BCS, the fact that we have seen a reduction in the severity of these injuries.

BCS Concrete Structures -  Cut Level 4 Gloves

2023 BCS Safety Program and Summer Focus Programs

Part of the BCS Safety program, the 2023 Updated BCS Safety Policy features; Zero Tolerance behaviors (workers are sent home for not wearing fall protection if above 6 feet from the next level) and not wearing seat belts while operating heavy equipment were discussed. In addition, 100% glove wearing, heat injury prevention through hydration, and silica control were also emphasized as we start the summer construction season.

The new “See Something, Say Something campaign” includes jobsite posters that encourage workers to identify and communicate hazards so that work can be stopped and hazards can be corrected before work continues. A final emphasis in our program is falling objects from our elevated work. This program reinforces how important it is to secure materials and debris from upper levels when storms and high winds can dislodge these items and cause them to fall to the ground, potentially causing serious injuries to workers or the public.

Procore Safety Inspections

As a leading commercial concrete contractor, BCS has recently transitioned to Procore, a cloud-based project management system that includes a safety inspection, which BCS has modified to reflect more specifically our jobsite hazards as well as evaluate each jobsite relative to a 1 to 5 scoring system. 1 representing “failure” on the issue and 5 representing “excellent.” Safety managers worked together to establish three criteria for each of the 75 evaluation points as well as discuss what the standard of a 3 rating should be so that all inspections generate consistent results. Safety inspections using the new form will begin in May.

Due to the continuous growth of the BCS Safety Team, quarterly safety summits will now be scheduled so that consistent information will be distributed. The next Safety Summit will be held on August 4.

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