BCS had a full year of training. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll cover the training courses that BCS’s workers participated in earlier this year. We’ll also announce the Job Site winners for August.

Emerging Leaders Program

In August, the Emerging Leader’s Program continued as BCS participants attended the Jobsite Logistics class, one of the monthly courses preparing workers who will eventually become superintendents.

The training was done by Joseph Sanderson, Leo Perez, Rafael Lopez, and Carlos Garcia. During the class, the group learned about operations and safety at BCS. Instructors covered how to schedule, order concrete, organize manpower, and manage subcontractors.

The course is expected to graduate in May of next year with a new team of leaders in the field. The class consists of Manuel Rosas, Geronimo Aguilar, Jesus Mondragon, Cesar Martinez, Johnny Fabregaz, Juan Rabago, Jonathan Cardoza, Andres A. Gonzalez, David Hernadez, Leopold Girmaldo, and Todd C. Smith.

Skid Steer Operator Training Course

On August 24, BCS also led the Skid Steer Operator Training. Safety manager Caleb Linton and Vice President of HR and Safety, Todd Smith, conducted the training that covered the proper methods of operating the skid steer machinery.

Instructors quickly demonstrated the proper techniques to the group to avoid any unnecessary injuries out in the field.

Participants in the course also had to finish a written exam of everything they learned from their teachers. Everyone participating in the class received a training card to show their progress.

With the course finished, the students can now take the next step of operating heavy machinery thanks to the knowledgeable instructors who walked them through the class.

Job Site Winners of the Month

Finally, BCS also announced the Jobsite winner for the month of August.

Congratulations to the first-place winner, Jesus Perez, who has shown leadership and created a safe environment for the BCS crew.

We also want to congratulate our second-place winner Miguel Manzano for One Oak. Everyone at BCS was impressed by Manzano’s leadership, efficiency, and precision in his daily work.

Manzano and Perez have both shown support and professionalism to their team, creating a positive workplace for everyone.

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