At BCS, the safety of our crews out on the field is our top priority. That’s why we focused on training and preparation throughout August. This newsletter will look at how BCS trained our workers to be safe when operating machinery and around materials. We’ll also revisit the celebration for July’s jobsite-winning crews.

Scissor Lift Safety Training

On August 3rd, our Scissor Lift Training Program launched at our Broadmoor jobsite. The training class is held to ensure that the operating crew handles the machinery professionally and follows the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use.

Thanks to our trusted instructors, who led the class, everyone working with our lifts will continue to handle them with care, avoiding any workplace injuries.

Skid Steer Training

In the same month BCS also implemented the Skid Steer Training course.

In response, we began working with Adrift Media to create a training video for the Skid Steer. The company helped us out with the BCS Orientation Training video for new hires, so we knew they would be perfect for this project.

The new video will cover the proper machinery handling techniques and teach our crew members how to safely and correctly operate the Skid Steer. The Adrift Media owner came out to film part of the video that soon would become a requirement for all BCS operators to watch.

Not only that but they will also be required to take a written test and perform a practical test in order to receive their certification card.

Respirator Fit Test

Vehicle safety wasn’t the only class our BCS crew took part in. BCS also holds a Respirator Fit Test training class. The course was to help ensure the crew is safe while working around silica dust, which can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

Group members went over the components of the respirator and were taught the proper method of putting it on for maximum safety.

Jobsite Winner’s Pizza Party

BCS celebrated with our July jobsite crews with a pizza party. The special event lunch is given to our BCS crews every month, whose jobsite is our monthly competition.

And since Beto Garcia and Caleb Linton won July’s competition, both ABIA and Broadmoore jobsite crews were rewarded with a pizza party to celebrate. Congratulations to the jobsite crews who have won this year, and we look forward to seeing who will win next.

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