The BCS Safety Broadcast Explained

BCS Concrete Structures makes safety its top priority — we use a specific safety approach known as Symbiotic Safety. This means safety is a part of everything we do, from the speed at which we operate to the profits that we earn. In our eyes, the safety of our employees, concrete contractors, and everyone involved with a job is most important. 

The BCS Safety Broadcast is a monthly newsletter released by BCS to keep everyone up to date on the latest relevant safety news. Within, readers can learn about upcoming safety events, get a heads up about relevant courses and classes that will take place, and read up on the latest changes in safety protocol at BCS Concrete Structures.

Symbiotic Safety

Symbiotic safety is a concept that is being implemented by BCS Concrete Structures. The idea is that safety and operations can work together to make the company both safer and more efficient, both on and off the job site. 

This symbiotic relationship is doable, but many people don’t know how to implement, manage or maintain it. However, it does help an organization like BCS achieve excellence in safety and operations without developing competing priorities.

Safety provides exceptional value to an organization, as proper safety teams must have strong leadership. The value of safety to an organization has to be much more than an assumption that costs are being reduced thanks to fewer accidents happening. It has to involve more than just perceived value.

BCS believes that safety should never be reduced to the value of a cost-benefit evaluation. Safety professionals, and everyone at BCS, must commit to using safety and operations advances equally to make results for both entities improve.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating risk is a critical component of maintaining and improving safety. Risk mitigation involves preparing for and reducing the effects of risks that a business faces. BCS is committed to developing options and actions that reduce risks and eliminate threats to our project objectives.

There are many efforts in place that work to reduce potential risks and enhance safety opportunities. Efforts must be in place with project teams, safety and insurance, and at the construction site, as well.

Some of the efforts that BCS has in place to mitigate risk include:

  • Date and milestone mapping
  • OSHA training and certification
  • Permits and bonding
  • Insurance coverage
  • Annual safety events
  • Professionally trained crews
  • Experienced project managers and superintendents
  • Construction site analyses

The industry veterans who lead the BCS safety team are headed by Todd Smith, the VP of Safety and HR. BCS holds events like job site inspection competitions, an annual Safety Rodeo, and other safety-driven exercises on a regular basis.

Our Emerging Leaders program, safety training incentive programs, and other efforts and practices are all part of the BCS commitment to keeping everyone safe. Professionals at BCS are OSHA 500, 502, and 510 certified, and BCS also participates in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program

As part of our priority of spreading safety awareness in the industry, BCS participates in the ASSP Construction Practice Specialty Practice, the Central Texas Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors Safety Committee, and other industry organizations.

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