Waterloo Tower Featured in Modern Contractors Solutions

BCS Concrete Structures are happy to announce that our work has been featured in the Modern Contractors Solutions Magazine

The construction publication featured an article talking about our partnership with Doka to help build the Waterloo Tower in Austin, Texas. Together with our partner and developer, Lincoln Ventures, we were tasked with creating a 31-story, multi-use building for the University of Texas at Austin. The ambitious project would make it one of the highest buildings in Austin and provide a place for the students and their families to live. The article goes into our need to search for a partnership we could trust, which led us straight to our past partner, Doka. It also highlights how Doka management and formwork systems were used for multiple areas of the construction project, including the garage. In the end, Doka’s help provided the BCS crew the opportunity to work more efficiently than before and finish the project with success.

The Modern Contractors Solution Magazine is a B2B trade publication that provides an excellent source of in-depth construction practices, the latest solutions, and modern trends in the construction industry. Modern Contractor Solutions has been a reliable resource for highlighting important projects from various construction companies and helping them grow through their vast number of insightful articles every day. BCS is extremely grateful for Modern Contractor Solutions for mentioning our diligent work around Austin alongside our trusted partner, Doka.

Thank you again to our partners for helping us with the construction project. If you want to know more about the Waterloo Tower construction project, then you can read the full article here. And for all of our other concrete projects, visit our portfolio to see more.

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