We’ve Moved to a New Address

If it’s been a while since you’ve done business with us, you may be surprised to learn that our facility is no longer in Buda. Instead, we have relocated our headquarters to Mustang Ridge. We’re confident this move will help us serve our customers better. In the meantime, we’ll explain our reasoning behind the move and why it’s helping us to make our operations even more efficient. Of course, we can’t resist talking about our amazing new space and what we can do with it!

Why We Made the Move to Mustang Ridge

BCS Concrete Structures primarily serves the Austin area. However, our operations extend throughout all of central Texas. This includes the cities of San Antonio and Dallas. 

We opted to move our facility and chose Mustang Ridge as our new location to improve logistical efficiency and spend less time on transportation. Our new headquarters is conveniently located for faster delivery of materials and dispatch of our teams to many key locations in the area.

Also, while we wanted to relocate our business, we didn’t want to leave the area. Our team is made up of hardworking tradespeople, sales, and support staff who live nearby. While Mustang Ridge offers us many operational conveniences, it is still less than 20 minutes away from our old facility. This also minimizes any disruption to our local suppliers and customers.

All About Our New Facility

We haven’t been here very long, but our team is already quite happy with the new facility. We have ample space for working, storage, and parking. Employees and other business associates can easily get to our new location with limited congestion. 

If you’ve worked with us in the past, you know that we offer a full variety of concrete contracting services. 

Additionally, we have a dedicated safety team that includes OSHA-certified leaders. Our work in the area of safety includes holding regular safety rodeos, classes, and other events. We will continue to host these safety events at our new facility and have plenty of room to do so.

A New Look, but the Same Great Workmanship

We’re pretty proud of our new, state-of-the-art facility. But that’s not only because of the space and convenient location. Our new building also serves as a real showpiece. We are proud to say that BCS Concrete Structures planned and completed all of the concrete work you see at this new location.

Any Other Changes?

We’ve got a new address, of course. We’re also going to be able to offer our customers even better service. Other than that, we promise that nothing is going to change. We’re still going to be the top provider of concrete services in the area. 

You’ll still be able to expect top-quality work, great customer service, and reasonable prices from the BCS team.

How to Find Us

If you have questions or need a concrete contractor, it’s easy to contact us. Would you like to see our facility in person? In that case, feel free to follow these directions right to our front door! You can also find us at our new address below:

BCS Concrete Structures
12724 South U.S. 183
Mustang Ridge, TX 78610

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