Heat Injury Prevention

Navigating Extreme Heat: BCS Concrete Structures Prioritizes Worker Safety

With scorching temperatures sweeping across Texas, BCS Concrete Structures is taking proactive measures to ensure the well-being of its workforce. BCS knows the potential risks and dangers that extreme temperatures can have on worker performance. During concrete pouring operations, Temperatures between floors can soar beyond 124 degrees Fahrenheit. As a leading commercial concrete contractor, we are making sure that we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our team.

BCS Concrete Structures Heat Injury Prevention - Filling Ice Extreme Heat Action Plan

In response to the elevated risk of heat-related issues, BCS has devised a comprehensive action plan tailored to combat extreme conditions.

  1. Adequate Hydration: Workers are encouraged to remain well-hydrated with plenty of water, a fundamental measure in preventing heat-related illnesses.
  2. Provision of Cooling Towels: Cooling towels, a simple yet highly effective tool, is being provided to our workers and crew, offering immediate relief from the scorching temperatures.
  3. Modified Work Schedules: BCS has implemented adjusted work schedules to avoid the most intense heat of the day, thereby minimizing potential risks to worker health.
  4. Daily Awareness Training: An integral part of BCS’s safety protocol is the daily training provided to workers about recognizing the symptoms of heat-related injuries. This empowers them to seek immediate assistance if any signs arise.
  5. Prompt Reporting of Symptoms: In line with our safety-first approach, BCS emphasizes the importance of reporting any signs of heat injury promptly to the designated Safety Team, ensuring immediate action can be taken.
  6. Think Family! Think Safety!: This motto embodies BCS’s responsibility to foster a culture of vigilance and safety during extreme temperatures.

BCS’s Proactive Safety Initiatives

BCS’s top priority is to keep our workers safe and our projects on time. By implementing these measures and fostering a culture of safety, we’ll continue to ensure that each and every worker can be as safe as possible throughout the day.

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