BCS Concrete Structures Makes Waves as Texas Ambassador on National TV

BCS Concrete Structures has been handpicked to represent the best in the commercial concrete industry in Texas.

Construction Marvels, Inc., known for recognizing excellence in construction, chose BCS Concrete Structures to be the representative face of commercial concrete contractors in Texas. The television special will put BCS in the spotlight, showcasing our amazing skills in innovation and service that we’ve long been proud of.

The film crew from Construction Marvels, Inc. arrived in Austin on August 14, capturing the BCS team in action at The Travis, a luxurious downtown Austin condominium project. This project at 80 Red River Street is the perfect canvas for BCS to display our craft.

Mark your calendars for August 28 at 9 p.m., because that’s when BCS will appear on the Fox Business Channel. It’s a two-minute segment that will focus on BCS’s process and expertise that go into creating concrete masterpieces.

The filming captured every aspect of BCS’s work, from building and dismantling forms to the finesse of crane rigging, the meticulousness of cleanup, and the teamwork in action during a project meeting. Leading the charge on this impressive project were some of our finest: Rafael Lopez, the General Superintendent; Javier Grimaldo, Superintendent; Jesse Aguilar, Assistant Superintendent; Leopoldo Grimaldo, Safety Manager; Joseph Sanderson, Project Manager; and Brandon Ramirez, Wrecking Crew Foreman.

This recognition is a milestone for us here at BCS Concrete Structures, and we can’t wait for you all to see us soon. Stay tuned for this exciting segment and join us in celebrating BCS Concrete Structures’ journey to the national stage.

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